AMTIX! issue 15, 1987 Who's Invited to the Party?

Christmas Specials became a fixture of the Newsfield magazines, often featuring the editorial staff, Oliver explains to Roger Kean AMTIX! issue 15, 1987 – Who’s Invited to the Party?

AMTIX! issue 15, 1987 Who's Invited to the Party?

It only seemed fair that after Zzap! issue 9’s team Christmas cover and the concurrent issue 21 featuring the unlikely trio of innocents, Penn, Rignall and Sumner with a competition winner all dressed as choirboys (purrleeese…) that the Amtix! crew should get their own personalised cover.

‘Getting anyone to pose for Cameron Pound to take suitable portrait photographs was the biggest challenge,’ Oli Frey recalls. ‘I had only the vaguest idea of a composition, other than like the Zzap one of the previous year, there should be someone peering in through a window.’

In the event, a somewhat Boris Karloff-like monster crashing in through said window added an element of fun to the proceedings and echoed the main strap line for Ubi Soft’s Zombi.

‘The redesigned, simpler Amtix! logo was predominantly blue,’ says Oli, ‘and I thought the figures should match the colour, which is logical when you think they were posed as playing games on those old CRT monitors. I also had more space to play with since the issue was, for once, conceived with fewer than usual cover lines.’

From left to right, then, and fully in the Blues: Malcolm Harding (editor)Anthony Clarke, Richard Eddy (software editor) and genuine Italian (to the female staff) heartthrob Massimo Valducci, all getting stuck into Zombi before he tucks into the Xmas pud and then them.

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